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Masoko is a full-service 360 marketing and advertising agency that provides integrated solutions to corporate companies, organisations and  Institutions. We have been operating for  more than years with incorporation registration No. 69297

We use both traditional and non tradition marketing approaches  to create exciting engaging brand experience to help our clients build strong customer relationship, and large marketing shares  that maximize  results and demonstrate return on  investment.

With strategic insight, inspired creative, and flawless execution, Masoko tells your story and brings your brand from passive presence to active engagement.


Experiential Marketing

We develop brilliant strategies that will introduce your brand / product to the market allowing to connect with target audience in a unique and memorable ways. Our process involves full immersion on your history, goals and culture resulting in a…

Event Management

We design, coordinate and manage indoor and outdoor themed events that will tell your story in exciting ways to give them a first-hand experience by motivating your consumer, change perception and inspire action towards your brand / product. We do…

Direct Sales

We focus to drive aggressive activations to reach and engage customers in areas where normal  distribution does not reach. We engage with your target market one-on-one through In store activations.


Roadshows is the most powerful approach that gather large crowd, a high visibility tool that brings your brand right down to the street where your target lives. We use well customized branded vehicles to delivery brand awareness via very catching…

Bar Activations

Bar is the most cool place to find consumers  in relaxed atmosphere. We design and build a trendy engagement around your product, get consumer to taste then, hooked on the product and brand lifestyle. These will link your product and it’s…

Social Campaigns Execution

We leverage on human connection to impact society and influencers through targeted campaigns communication that leads to social  behaviour change via clinic shows, Mobile video units and events.

Roadside Engagements

We create unique  environment and allocate our brand ambassadors to persuade targeted consumers  on relative merit of product and service through road junction activation using mobile standees, flash mob squads or landmark interrupters.