World’s Coffee Standard Brand Launched in Tanzania to Carter for High, Mid and Low Market

Dar es Salaam Merchants Group (DMG Tanzania), one of the most valuable food and beverage company in the country, has launched the world’s standards instant coffee brand; ‘Nuru coffee Chapchap’ with a global look, feel and taste. 

This launch is timely in Tanzania in response to the ongoing economic challenges, whereby every Tanzanian is now expected to enjoy the superb taste of Nuru coffee Chapchap’, following its availability and affordability in all market segments across the country. DMG Tanzania Innovations and creation of products that are differentiated from competition has paved way for common Tanzanians to access Milk, Coffee and sugar instantly, for only Tshs 500.

Commenting on the brand Mr. Rayton Kwembe, Nuru Coffee Chapchap’s Director said ‘Nuru’ is our largest single brand, and one of the cornerstones of our company. ‘Nuru’ is a Swahili word meaning “Enlightenment”. It symbolizes Originality, Energy, Knowledge and Hope. “Nuru” (light) is the origin of everything. Nuru is the source of energy as well as the source of life. Nuru takes away darkness and enables us to seen what was once unseen. Nuru shines into the weakness and disparity, and brings hope to those who had given up.

So the product launch is well-timed, and it is foreseen to enlighten the lives of many Tanzanians during the current economic situation.

“Looking ahead, we are excited about the launch of new innovative coffee; a new premium coffee product which offers consumers both taste of freshly roasted premium coffee as well as convenience of instant coffee. Nuru coffee Chapchap’ is produced from 100 percent premium Arabica & Robusta beans mixed together to make good flavor. Nuru coffee chap chap is designed to blend with a good balance of coffee, milk and sugar to bring good taste and flavor to the user. We reiterate our confidence in our strategy of branding, product innovation and diversification that continues to position us to meet challenges head-on.”  Said Mr. Rayton Kwembe, Nuru Coffee Chapchap’s Director.

‘Nuru coffee Chapchap’ is now available across the country. The product can be found on shelves in supermarkets across Dar es Salaam, Mwanza, Shinyanga, Mbeya, Dodoma, and Arusha.

In introducing the product into the Tanzania market, the company will be hosting an activation campaign in various malls and across the streets in Dar es Salaam from 16th to 25th April this year.

One of the brand’s biggest successes and breakthrough innovations is its unique packaging design which features several key design elements developed with targeted consumers in mind.

 ‘Nuru coffee Chapchap’ is also thrilled to announce George Sixtus Mdemu, (G Nako) a Tanzania Hip hop artist as the brand ambassador. G Nako will be spreading the word on ‘Nuru coffee Chapchap’ as well as being featured in ‘Nuru coffee Chapchap’s integrated marketing campaign which will bring ‘Nuru coffee Chapchap’ to life across television, radio, print and, social media.

As ‘Nuru coffee Chapchap’s brand ambassador, G Nako will share with Tanzanian consumers Nuru coffee Chapchap’s heritage of premium quality, good flavor and  innovative design of the coffee.

“We are thrilled that G Nako is expanding his relationship with Nuru coffee Chapchap by becoming the brand ambassador. We are very proud of the work we have done together and we look forward to extending the partnership to bring our brand story and high quality, premium coffee to more and more people in the Tanzania,” said Mr. Rayton Kwembe, Nuru Coffee Chapchap’s Director

“Nuru coffee Chapchap and I have a shared commitment to sustainability, they are an incredibly responsible company and I am excited to work with them,” said G Nako.

DMG Tanzania will continue to add-value-to its existing product and roll-out more premium products under one umbrella of Nuru brand.  To strengthen the distribution capability and network, the Group plans to expand its product availability beyond Tanzania and the East Africa in General.